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                                    Tree Care

Trees mark our time and become an important part of our family memories.  By
maintaining your trees, you increase your property value.  You also keep your utility
costs down by providing shade in the summer and cutting down winds in the winter. We
work hard to help you keep and maintain your trees to make you safe and them healthy.

                                 Storm Damage

Downed trees are one of the most dangerous environments you may encounter.  Never
touch a tree that is uprooted, hanging or touching a wire.  Wires can be live, trees can
shift and roll and stumps can unexpectedly fall back into the ground. First thing, from a
safe environment, call us at (215)4MY-TREE.  If the tree is on something or has broke
something, get your camera and take pictures if you can do so safely; if you can't, we
can do that for you. When we get there, we can assess whether or not you need to call
the Electric Company or Insurance Company or if we can just remove the tree.

  Tree Removal

Although we do everything possible to save your tree, it is sometimes necessary to take
it down.  Sometimes do to lightning strikes, unstable root structures, girdling roots,
petrification or due to construction projects you are having done, you may need a tree
removed.  In any event, we can remove your tree quickly and safely.

                                Tree Care Service

Thinning:  By removing interior growth, you allow winds to pass through the tree freely,
this helps prevent the tree from uprooting or blowing over.  Thinning also allows light for
plants and lawn.

Deadwood:  This is the process of removing branches and limbs that are rotting or
dead. By cutting out these limbs, you allow the tree to heal and stop further damage.  
You will be less likely to attract insects and diseases with a healthy tree.  It is also a
safety hazard to retain these limbs.

Lateral Reduction:  This is when we take the heavier part of the limb and cut it back to
a secondary limb. The purpose of this reduction is to reduce the weight of the limb. This
lightens the load on the structure of the tree to help prevent stress fractures and limb

Crown Reduction:  We use the lateral reduction method to reduce the height and size
of the tree, while keeping its natural shape.

Topping:  Although we do not recommend topping trees, it is sometimes necessary and
a better alternative than taking down a tree. If you have already topped your tree, you
should continue to do so in order to stop limbs from breaking because the limbs grow
back so fast that they are structurally deficient. Topping is when we cut back a tree to a
node or a lateral, this dramatically reduces the overall height and shape of the tree.

Elevation:  Is when we raise the height of the tree by cutting back the limb, cutting off
the limb or cutting off drooping secondaries.

Conflicting Limbs:  When we remove limbs from a house or wires or limbs that are
rubbing together.

Tree Shearing:  The purpose of shearing is to shape your tree and promote fuller
growth.  This is typically done on ornamental trees and evergreens, but can be done on
some larger trees.

Cavity Work:  When trees have holes in them, water can sit in the holes and promote
rot and insect infestation. By filling the cavity with foam, we can permit the water to run
off and not puddle in the hole. By diverting the water, you can slow or prevent rot.
Making it less likely for insects to make it their home.

Cabling and Bracing:  We can install cables into the main trunks of the trees providing
structural support for the leads. This is done mostly with multi-lead trees or where you
have a possible weakened lead. Rods in the trunk can be installed to help prevent the
leads from splitting.

Girdling Roots:  These roots choke off your tree and when they're small we can chop
them out.

Root Rot:  This is caused by the property grade, poor drainage in the area around the
tree and sometimes gutter run off.  We can sometimes fix this by changing the grade,
diverting gutters and creating a tree well.

Wire Clearance:  Your Electric Company will only come out for problems on their high
tension lines. We can clear your wires to make sure you don't lose service.

Stump Grinding

This is when we grind stumps down 6-8 inches below the surface of the flush cut. If your
tree is mounded, you can have us grind out the mound. If you have surface roots, you
can also have them ground. Each is a separate service with a separate charge. If it is
not on the estimate, it is not included. Tree roots that are not at the surface will remain.
Stump grindings are left in the hole on site, but can be removed for an additional
charge. We can grade area, and install topsoil, seed and straw for a finished lawn.


We can cut your wood to firewood lengths and we can also split your wood. If you need
firewood, the best time to call is in the Spring. During this time, we split newly cut down
trees and bring it to you so it will be ready to burn come winter and to ensure
availability. Call in the Fall for seasoned firewood.
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